The Revolution

A Label vs. A Brand

In our business, the label on a dress or piece of clothing tends to have a strong importance to people when making a buying decision. In light of recent events, I felt compelled to do a Facebook live about the importance of how you're "labeled" by others,...

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Justin’s Story

and why almost 30 years later it continues to haunt me. So if you read my last blog you know that the mission of not only my store but also my life centers around accepting and valuing each other. I’ve often said that there are more important things than...

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Some Prom Preview Pride

...and why I think this is the best one yet. So our 11th Prom Preview was held on January 6th, 2019 and every year we try to do something that will be meaningful to the models. Something that is bigger than them. Bigger than all of us really. This year,...

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2019 Prom Preview – Statesboro

This past Sunday, January 6th, hundreds gathered at the Statesboro High School auditorium for the 11th annual Frills by Scott Prom Preview event. What started as a scholarship program and a way for Frills owner, Scott Marchbanks, to showcase the upcoming styles of...

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